Financial Life Planning

A seismic shift has occurred in the world of financial planning. Traditional financial planning has tended to treat “money” not people as the client. Armed with calculators, spreadsheets and sophisticated software, financial planners have historically offered products and services, focused on accumulating, spending and then passing on wealth.

Many people, however, have concluded that life means more to them than bank balances and spreadsheet projections. They want a new way of looking at money and their future, one that provides a purpose-driven financial solution for a truly fulfilling lifestyle, whatever age. This new approach is called "Financial Life Planning".

Alchemy Advisory Services are one of the few practices in Cheshire and North Wales who have completed intensive training with the Internationally renowned Kinder Institute, in the art of "Life Planning", to bring about this service.

It's a service that employs a wealth of common sense and truly empowers people


The key stages of financial planning

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