Business Planning

We will work with your accountants and legal advisers to review any existing partnership/ shareholder/agreements/Will's, you may have in place for the business or of a personal nature - In particular to look at the provisions, you have arranged for:-

  • Exiting the business and extracting value
  • Family Succession (If applicable)
  • Retirement
  • Serious ill health
  • Death
  • Shareholder & Key Person Protection
  • Corporate Pensions for Directors and Employees

The mitigation of corporation and income tax features very highly for our business clients, it is only by completing comprehensive planning that you can be guaranteed to make savings. Tax planning must be proactive and take place before your year-end to be most effective, reactive planning seldom leads to positive results.

We are well versed in working with clients on exit / succession planning strategies and there is a real need for these to be in place prior to making any final decisions. Going forward, we can also help you towards arriving at a ‘required’ valuation for your business.

It is extremely important in today’s climate that your retirement planning does not solely revolve around your business and the potential sale of same. Such planning lacks diversification and in most cases is extremely high risk. accordingly, a regular review of your ultimate business aims, should be a 'no-brainer'!

Any fees applicable will be dependant on the complexity of the advice required and in all cases, will be agreed before any chargeable work commences.


Business succession planning

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